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4 More Steps to Reaching a Larger Audience for Your Memoir

It is possible to reach a larger audience than family and friends with your memoir. Here are four suggestions to enable your story to appeal to a larger public. Continue reading

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4 Tips to Help You Sell Books Beyond Your Family and Friends

n important step in selling your memoir to a large market beyond the family and your circle of friends is to identify your intended audience early in the process. Your buying audience will affect what you include in your memoir and the manner in which you write it. You will likely include different material in your memoir depending on who you believe will purchase it. Below are thoughts that… Continue reading

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Four Tips For Moving Your Plot With Action

Action drives your story and keeps your readers interested. Writing with effective action is a key to creating lifestories that people want to read. 1) The action of your story is its plot. Generally speaking, something must happen in your … Continue reading

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How to Begin a Lifestory

Many writer agonize about just where to start a memoir, where to launch into the story. There, of course, many places where a story can commence. 1. The place in the story at which you begin to write is almost … Continue reading

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