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We Move to a New Home

My parents must have had little hope of ever putting aside enough money for a down payment to buy a house of their own. We were still in the three-bedroom apartment on Shawmut Street when… Continue reading

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What Motivates You to Write Memoir?

Writing a memoir can be a long and difficult experience. Some people succeed and some fail. What makes the difference between those who get a manuscript into print and those who cave in and only talk about writing?
There are many reasons that impel a writer to persevere… Continue reading

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Bring History Into Memoir Writing

I live in the area (Lewiston, Maine) where my great-grandparents, my grandparents and parents–and now me–spent their lives, and I am also an amateur historian of this region. When I was asked to speak at a library lunchtime program several years ago, I chose a topic similar to Linda Myers’ topic: Lewiston’s Buildings Tell Our Stories.
This was an industrial city in the 19th century with a Protestant Anglo-American ruling/mill ownership class and an underclass of Catholic Franco-Canadian-American and Irish-American mill workers. I asked the library audience if they had noticed how the funeral homes in town were…. Continue reading

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4 Tips For Moving Your Plot With Action

I am posting an article in the form of an MP3… Continue reading

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The Kirkus Review on Peggy Kennedy’s Book

The Kirkus review on Approaching Neverland by Peggy Kennedy: A captivating memoir of love, loss, mental illness and redemption. Kennedy walked into her first day of first grade alone, with unkempt hair that both her parents had neglected to brush. … Continue reading

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Gather Memories at Family Events: Five Effective Steps

Preserving family stories in writing has become a national pastime. What better place to jump into the process than a family event–whether it’s a reunion of the whole clan or a get-together with a few uncles and aunts. Reminiscences from … Continue reading

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Six Ways Writing Your Memoir Can Benefit and Motivate You

As you write your life story, you will benefit from the experience in many ways. Let these benefits also motivate you to write. Continue reading

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