What Motivates You to Write Memoir?

Writing a memoir can be a long and difficult experience. Some people succeed and some fail. What makes the difference between those who get a manuscript into print and those who cave in and only talk about writing?

There are many reasons that impel a writer to persevere, and if that’s you, I would like to know your reasons. Start by reviewing last e-newsletter’s article: Six Ways Writing Your Memoir Can Benefit and Motivate in the The Memoir Writer’s Blog.
I am looking for a story in the 300-500-word range that presents what keeps you writing day after day. If you send a piece in, understand you are giving me permission to  publish it. I may do some editing of the piece, and if I do, I will return the story to you for your approval. I will publish accounts as they arrive–in publishable form. There is no start date nor (as of yet) any end date.

Send your story in via e-mail. In your email subject line write: motivation-to-write story and send it to memoirs@turningmemories.com.

For your FREE 36-page Memory List Question Book, go to
http://turningmemories.com/qebkstore.html. Becoming a better writer requires knowledge, but knowledge is not enough. Know how must be reinforced with practice. Tele-classes provide knowledge backed up by week after week of practice with feedback.


About Denis Ledoux

Denis Ledoux began helping people to turn their memories into memoirs in 1988. Denis was named Lifewriting Professional of the Year by the Association of Personal Historians in 1996. Today, Denis is a writer, educator, teacher, autobiography co-author, memoir-writing coach, editor and publisher. He directs The Memoir Network, an international group of memoir professionals who use his method and materials to help people write lifestories. Denis also offers writing tele-classes and leads memoir writing tele-groups.
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4 Responses to What Motivates You to Write Memoir?

  1. I would like to write a memoir in my life-time and that Memory List Question Book should be helpful. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    • memoryman says:

      My pleasure but this free book comes with a pricey responsibility…
      To write your story and then, when the time is right, to share it with the world–or an part of it you deem appropriate. Good luck and…
      Send me a copy when you’re done!

  2. Tara F says:

    I launched a similar project in June — to commemorate a milestone for my personal history business and to commemorate Arizona’s Centennial — I ask writers for 500 word essay and their permission to use on my blog and other social media. best of luck to us both!

    • memoryman says:

      Yes, I hope you get great responses to commemorate Arizona’s centennial. I’ll mention your project in my newsletter and perhaps you’ll get some submissions coming from The Lifewriter’s Digest subscribers.

      I can’t wait to start posting the stories I have received about what motivates the writer to write memoirs. By the way, many of your blog’s readers have stopped by this blog.

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