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Sunday School Money

It just wasn’t fair! Everyone else at Sunday School had something to spend at the corner dairy afterwards and would saunter home licking a delicious ice-cream or chocolate chew bar. We Thomsons weren’t allowed to buy sweet things… Continue reading

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Earn an extra 5% until September 30 as a Web Affiliate.

We have been accepting Web Affiliates since our launch on August 17. We are now on two continents since… Continue reading

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Cindy Doucette’s Book Has A Powerful Impact.

Cindy Doucette (Berwick Maine) has seen her poignant story depicted in It Can Happen To Any Family used by the juvenile correctional system of York County, Maine, to effect turn arounds in young people.
Below is a testimonial written by a young person who was in the correctional system and who is testifying to the influence of Cindy Doucette’s book on her.
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Mary Anne Benedetto: Amazon Best Seller Two Days in a Row!

A note from Mary Anne Benedetto, a Soleil Memoir Professional from Murrell’s Inlet, SC. about the recent success of her novel Eyelash on Amazon. Hang onto your hats… Continue reading

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3 Tips to Keep You Writing

Recently, someone asked me what are the biggest barriers memoir writers face to being successful. Three came to mind right away… Continue reading

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Memoir Ghostwriting – Six Considerations in Establishing a Working Relationship With a Co-Writer

What a relief to have finally decided on a ghostwriter whom you feel you can work with. The future of your relationship will depend, however, on… Continue reading

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Web Affiliate Program Accepting Applications

Any professional who would like to make Soleil products available via website, blog, or forum to his/her existing clientele can earn a commission in the process… Continue reading

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