Earn an extra 5% until September 30 as a Web Affiliate.

We have been accepting Web Affiliates since our launch on August 17. We are now on two continents since one of our new Affiliates is Annie Payne from Adelaide, South Australia.

Up until September 30, all Affiliates receive an extra 5% on their commissions of 15% or 20% (the higher reward goes to  as a thank you for their loyalty).

Through the Web Affiliate program, you can offer your choice of our products from the e-books ($7.95) to the hard copy Memoir Professional Package ($654) to the certification program ($1849) and everything in between. Those of you who are Soleil Memoir Professionals  will receive a 20% (or 25% until September 30) commission and all others will receive 15% (or 20% until September 30). You will even be able to earn when someone subscribes to Soleil newsletters via your site.  This is your opportunity to earn passive income.

We hope you will join our Web Affiliate team today. The process is easy and the passive income is attractive and will be a pleasure to you for years.


About Denis Ledoux

Denis Ledoux began helping people to turn their memories into memoirs in 1988. Denis was named Lifewriting Professional of the Year by the Association of Personal Historians in 1996. Today, Denis is a writer, educator, teacher, autobiography co-author, memoir-writing coach, editor and publisher. He directs The Memoir Network, an international group of memoir professionals who use his method and materials to help people write lifestories. Denis also offers writing tele-classes and leads memoir writing tele-groups.
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