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Don’t Wait!

“What are you waiting for? Why are you avoiding the real work? What will it take for you to go deeper?” —Phil Cousineau in Stoking the Creative Fires
This quote above ought to be for all of us a stirring call to continue—or to begin if that is where we are at—the writing we may have procrastinated about for so long… Continue reading

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Why They’re Called First Drafts

Nothing can rightly be called a first unless there is a second. First grade implies second grade; first class implies second class; first book implies (we hope) second book. That is why… Continue reading

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Linger with Your Story — It’s a good habit to develop.

Many and perhaps most people write too fast. I don’t mean that they end up with a text characterized by sloppy handwriting and spelling problems. No, what I mean is that they… Continue reading

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Rework Your Story to Get More Show and Less Tell

There are ways to rework your stories so that you can minimize “telling” and maximize “showing.” The biggest “telling” offense is perhaps… Continue reading

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A Vignette on Diversity — Inner Diversity

When I sent a call out for vignettes on diversity, I had not thought of intra-psychic diversity but here came a piece from Sue Lebel Young based on this very modality! Continue reading

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Five Tips Michelle Obama Needs to Know Before Writing Her Memoirs

When Michelle Obama sits down to write her memoirs what ought she to do to make the writing interesting? Hint: fame and power in themselves are not enough to intrigue a reader. Continue reading

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Aunt Emilia

Ma Tante Emilia and Mon Oncle Louis both worked and, since they had no children to spend their earnings on, they had more disposable income than my parents. They would drive up from New Auburn in a little Ford… Continue reading

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