A Vignette on Diversity — Inner Diversity

When I sent a call out for vignettes on diversity, I had not thought of intra-psychic diversity but here came a piece from Sue Lebel Young based on this very modality! Sue is a long time subscriber to this e-newsletter.

I am just finishing a book about my struggle with and eventual freedom from what I am calling FOOD FRENZY.  The book is called FOOD FIX: OLD NOURISHMENT FOR NEW HUNGERS. I hope it will be out by the holidays.

This topic of diversity–and the invitation to write about INNER diversity—reminds me of parts of that book, or rather parts of my journey, or maybe parts of myself.  Count the inner people: The healthy sub-personality who wants to eat well, be fit, feel happy and energetic; and the other not-so-healthy one who gets a bit too interested in numbers on the scale, body fat measurements, calories and fat grams; the one who wants to eat small amounts at regular intervals; and the one (is she a tantruming five year old?) who wants to eat chips, caffeintated soda, brownies and chocolate all day; the neurotic, addicted, compulsive one.  This clever character can interpret what is destructive as somehow good for me.  (Oh, just skip lunch and have a hot fudge sundae instead. You’ve worked hard. You deserve it.)

An inner diverse city of various players, various neighborhoods, parts of my mind, like street corners and alleys,one should not go to alone!!


So who manages this inner diversity?  That, of course, is the story of recovery from the voices of food frenzy.  That, of course is the story of the book, a cross between memoir and self-help, an invitation into the inner diversity, a call to see our inner spark and beauty as well as those unruly street thugs living in our heads who do not want to follow any –even the kindest—-discipline.  Time to sit at the negotiating table for some peace talks!

 DL: We will alert you when the book comes out.


About Denis Ledoux

Denis Ledoux began helping people to turn their memories into memoirs in 1988. Denis was named Lifewriting Professional of the Year by the Association of Personal Historians in 1996. Today, Denis is a writer, educator, teacher, autobiography co-author, memoir-writing coach, editor and publisher. He directs The Memoir Network, an international group of memoir professionals who use his method and materials to help people write lifestories. Denis also offers writing tele-classes and leads memoir writing tele-groups.
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