Master Memoir Writer Program

Beginning in January, the Master Memoir Writer Program will give you more support than we have ever offered anyone. For a fixed annual fee (to be determined), you will have access to any writing program that we provide and you will also have access to all our writing products–this includes the specialized e-course we are launching soon. This means that you will be able to be as intense as you want to be to complete your memoir–all at one fee.

Here’s how intense you can be:

– You want to attend all four tele-classes we offer in a given year? Great!

– You would like to be part of two Memoir Writing Groups! No problem.

– You plan to register for both the Tele-classes and the Memoir Writing Groups? Hey…be our guest.

– You’re thinking of downloading all our e-books and manuals? Happy reading!

-You would like private coaching? The MMWP will come with access to a fixed number of private coaching sessions.

The Master Memoir Writer Program will carry a inclusive fee that will last for an entire 12 months. That will be the only fee you will pay for the whole year as you choose and pick what will best support your memoir writing success. The second year–if you should need it–will be available at a discount. The third year–well, we haven’t gone that far in our thinking because it is our intention is to have you be published by then.

The enrollment will be open and ongoing, but we suggest you enroll in time to begin with the first session of any group you are interested in. The Master Memoir Writer Program launches in January 2013.


About Denis Ledoux

Denis Ledoux began helping people to turn their memories into memoirs in 1988. Denis was named Lifewriting Professional of the Year by the Association of Personal Historians in 1996. Today, Denis is a writer, educator, teacher, autobiography co-author, memoir-writing coach, editor and publisher. He directs The Memoir Network, an international group of memoir professionals who use his method and materials to help people write lifestories. Denis also offers writing tele-classes and leads memoir writing tele-groups.
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