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Guest Blogger: 5 Suggestions to Help You Stay Motivated

It’s 10:00 a.m. “What’s next? How can I fit writing time into my day?” I ask, checking my day’s agenda in my head. Don’t make a busy day’s schedule a reason to not stay motivated… Continue reading

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Guest Blogger: How to Blog Your Memoir in 10 Simple Steps

Blogging a book is the quickest and easiest way to write a book and promote it at the same time, thus building the platform, or fan base, you need to make it successful… Continue reading

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Guest Blogger: Three Elements Necessary for a Blogged Memoir (Or Any Memoir)

Many writers would like to write or blog a memoir. It’s not that different than writing or blogging a novel, except, of course, you are blogging or writing about your own experiences… Continue reading

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Guest Blogger’s Story: Heroic Annie Hill

Guest Blogger’s Story: Heroic Annie Hill by Karen Douglass
She’s more than a name on the genealogy chart, although I don’t know what she looked like or the sound of her voice, the color of her hair. Her heroic character shows in census records… Continue reading

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