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But Is It a Memoir?

It’s an interesting book, very well-written in terms of style and organization, but my nagging doubt is that it is autobiographical fiction and not memoir… Continue reading

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The Price of Happiness

In 1953, we left our one-bedroom basement apartment on 7th Street in New Toronto to live in the small town of Tottenham, Ontario. We moved into a three-bedroom flat above a hardware store. There was no central heat or hot water, but I thought it was a palace… Continue reading

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Three Tips That Will Keep You in the Memoir-Writing Conversation

Recently, someone asked me what are the biggest barriers memoir writers face to being prolific. The following three came to mind right away. Below, I write about them and offer suggestions for eliminating these impediments to staying in the writing conversation. Writers often put… Continue reading

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The First Months of My Marriage

e left Lewiston and our wedding guests to travel to Albert’s base in Syracuse, New York, at 1:30. Since it was still summer… Continue reading

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The Story of Why My Parents Came Down

While my parents were immigrants to the US, they had not really come to be immigrants. My father’s health had been affected by the tiny, deadly filaments called asbestos dust in his hometown… Continue reading

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Nothing Broken

“Look at this,” my grandmother said. “Not a tooth broken.”
We kids looked at the comb. We were not impressed.
“I made this when I was 8 years old.” Continue reading

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Jerry Lewis Slept Here

The usual person gets four natural grandparents. Naturally, I got five. Or six. And they were all in one body… Continue reading

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