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The Quintessential Grandma

Basil is just an ordinary herb, but whenever I smell it, wherever I might be, I think of Noni… Continue reading

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Don’t Wait!

“What are you waiting for? Why are you avoiding the real work? What will it take for you to go deeper?” —Phil Cousineau in Stoking the Creative Fires
This quote above ought to be for all of us a stirring call to continue—or to begin if that is where we are at—the writing we may have procrastinated about for so long… Continue reading

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A Vignette on Diversity — Inner Diversity

When I sent a call out for vignettes on diversity, I had not thought of intra-psychic diversity but here came a piece from Sue Lebel Young based on this very modality! Continue reading

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Sunday School Money

It just wasn’t fair! Everyone else at Sunday School had something to spend at the corner dairy afterwards and would saunter home licking a delicious ice-cream or chocolate chew bar. We Thomsons weren’t allowed to buy sweet things… Continue reading

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Bring History Into Memoir Writing

I live in the area (Lewiston, Maine) where my great-grandparents, my grandparents and parents–and now me–spent their lives, and I am also an amateur historian of this region. When I was asked to speak at a library lunchtime program several years ago, I chose a topic similar to Linda Myers’ topic: Lewiston’s Buildings Tell Our Stories.
This was an industrial city in the 19th century with a Protestant Anglo-American ruling/mill ownership class and an underclass of Catholic Franco-Canadian-American and Irish-American mill workers. I asked the library audience if they had noticed how the funeral homes in town were…. Continue reading

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3 Suggestions For Choosing the Right Publication Option For You

You have finished writing your memoir or are nearing its completion. You feel satisfied with the text… Continue reading

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9 Tips to Publishing Your Memoir Yourself 

If you believe you have the skills and stamina to undertake handling the publication process yourself, read on. The following will help you to succeed… Continue reading

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