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Guest Blogger’s Story: Heroic Annie Hill

Guest Blogger’s Story: Heroic Annie Hill by Karen Douglass
She’s more than a name on the genealogy chart, although I don’t know what she looked like or the sound of her voice, the color of her hair. Her heroic character shows in census records… Continue reading

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Getting My Dream Coat

From We Were Not Spoiled, the memoir of Lucille Verreault Ledoux as told to Denis Ledoux. My mother-in-law had a lovely black Persian lamb coat. It had large buttons that were very fashionable at the time. That coat was heavy and warm, and … Continue reading

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The Price of Happiness

In 1953, we left our one-bedroom basement apartment on 7th Street in New Toronto to live in the small town of Tottenham, Ontario. We moved into a three-bedroom flat above a hardware store. There was no central heat or hot water, but I thought it was a palace… Continue reading

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The First Months of My Marriage

e left Lewiston and our wedding guests to travel to Albert’s base in Syracuse, New York, at 1:30. Since it was still summer… Continue reading

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My Son Denis is Born

My second pregnancy was also easy enough. This time Albert was with me, and he and I could live it together. My mother had had most of her babies at home, but by the mid-1940s, women were… Continue reading

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Retiring to Memoir Writing

Eight years ago as a retirement project for church, I introduced memoir writing… Continue reading

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What I Saw on Christmas Day

This is what I saw on Christmas Day while sitting on the couch with my husband at the Vicarage by the Sea, the Alzheimer’s care facility where he now resides… Continue reading

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