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Why They’re Called First Drafts

Nothing can rightly be called a first unless there is a second. First grade implies second grade; first class implies second class; first book implies… Continue reading

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Telling the Truth about your Life

“The telling of your stories is a revolutionary act.” –Sam Keen, writer In a world where we are constantly being bombarded with subtle–and not so subtle–messages about who we ought to be, it is a bold statement to take a … Continue reading

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Ten Questions On Memoir Writing

(The following interview appeared in the Nov. 19, 2010, Oral History Education blog http://oralhistoryeducation.com/blog) 1. How did you get started in your profession of memoir writing? I started writing autobiography-based fiction. Some of these have won literary awards, and, while … Continue reading

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Master Memoir Writer Program

Beginning in January, the Master Memoir Writer Program will give you more support than we have ever offered anyone… Continue reading

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The Story of Why My Parents Came Down

While my parents were immigrants to the US, they had not really come to be immigrants. My father’s health had been affected by the tiny, deadly filaments called asbestos dust in his hometown… Continue reading

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Dare to Share

One of the critical steps you can take as a writer is to find ways to share your work with others. Those others might be writers, they might be friends, or they might be family members. Don’t let your hard work sit in a drawer unread. Writing is meant to be read. We write down words hoping… Continue reading

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Writing Interesting and Effective Dialog

Dialog allows the reader to hear the voice of the character. It is an opportunity to use regionalisms and particularities of speech. Even to write in pauses if that was typical of the person. “Ain’t much wrong with it,” my grandfather would say… Continue reading

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