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Holding Back the Truth in Your Memoir

“I believe one has to stop holding back for fear of alienating some imaginary reader or real relative or friend and come out with personal truth. If we are to understand the human condition and if we are to accept … Continue reading

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What I Saw on Christmas Day

This is what I saw on Christmas Day while sitting on the couch with my husband at the Vicarage by the Sea, the Alzheimer’s care facility where he now resides… Continue reading

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What Motivates Me to Write

I come back to my writing every day because I cannot stay away. It is how I process life… Continue reading

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Cindy Doucette’s Book Has A Powerful Impact.

Cindy Doucette (Berwick Maine) has seen her poignant story depicted in It Can Happen To Any Family used by the juvenile correctional system of York County, Maine, to effect turn arounds in young people.
Below is a testimonial written by a young person who was in the correctional system and who is testifying to the influence of Cindy Doucette’s book on her.
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The Kirkus Review on Peggy Kennedy’s Book

The Kirkus review on Approaching Neverland by Peggy Kennedy: A captivating memoir of love, loss, mental illness and redemption. Kennedy walked into her first day of first grade alone, with unkempt hair that both her parents had neglected to brush. … Continue reading

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Writing a Memoir is a Mythic Event

Writing a memoir may be compared to a mythic event. The stories of Prometheus stealing fire from the Olympian gods and of Adam and Eve come to mind. Why did Prometheus do it? Well, he did it so humans would … Continue reading

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